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McEUEN: Nowhere to go - literally

| January 28, 2011 5:05 AM

First and foremost not enough restroom facilities are provided. There should have been one by each parking area and docking area.

From a management background I would like to know how you intend to provide security in the parking garages and in all the different areas of the park. It would seem at least five (5) security guards would be necessary during daylight hours to police skateboarders on the walkways, teens, persons with loose dogs, lost children, vagrants and belligerent or loud groups. Then there is the amount of litter to contend with and how are all the walkways and trails to be kept free of chewing gum, snow and ice? Chewing gum is a HUGE problem at the new library as are the skateboarders who jump the walls, handrails and stairs and come at all hours of the night (McEuen Tower has an ongoing battle to stop them from jumping from one parking lot to another every night).

There are too many waterfalls and/or fountains, they are repetitive and difficult to maintain (vandalism, clarity and cleaning not to mention the pumps!) Also for four months of the year they would have to be shut down so are not cost effective... the one big fountain is enough. There is already a water feature in front of the library not well maintained and there is the Lake! Speaking of the Lake, the area where the current launch ramp is located is going to be a constant problem for security because every family and every teenager is going to IGNORE the no swimming and sunbathing on the steps rules... the city will have to contend with litter from food and drink floating in the shallow water 24 hours a day, you'll have to skim the waters all the time to keep it clear for the well behaved visitors. If you don't think this will happen take a walk along the Tubbs Hill trails with frequent side trips down to the Lake's water line. There have even been mattresses discarded there along with clothing, underwear, toilet "droppings" and other garbage. We've hiked the trails with large garbage bags and still ran out of room in them!

Oddly enough our concern for numerous restrooms was prompted by the many requests we have had from people coming in off Sherman asking if they could use ours! Until this year we only had these "desperate" people ask during the car show and the street fair. It seems all the businesses along Sherman refuse to have their restrooms open to the public and it has caused quite a problem. Those people are so desperate they have been using the dumpster areas and the public alleys.


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