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AQUIFER: It's worth protecting

| November 30, 2010 6:15 AM

Is there anyone out there who doesn't believe that the Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer is one of the finest in the entire world? I am glad that the Health District and others are looking for ways to plan future growth but they also know how valuable the resource is. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING should jeopardize the water in our aquifer.

No one is a bigger champion for the aquifer than Post Falls Mayor Clay Larkin. He has been and will continue to be tireless in his quest to protect this resource.

There has been discussion of using new technology for treating wastewater (package plants, individual systems). I agree that there are places where these may be viable but not over our aquifer. Why should we as citizens of Kootenai County take this unwarranted risk?

The Rathdrum Prairie is an important resource for our larger communities that surround it to grow.  Allowing more growth on the Prairie through the county makes it harder for communities to grow.

It is the Communities and their ability to provide municipal wastewater service that can provide the means to grow wisely. Communities are not perfect but there is much to be said for public oversight and responsibilty for the provision of wastewater service.

Let us continue to work towards achieving the comprehensive plan goal of encouraging urban growth within the cities where municipal services are available. Let us foster the cities’ ability to grow responsibly over the prairie. Let’s not take any unwarranted chances with our aquifer. The world watches.


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