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It took quite a while to get into this mess

by Paul Ciruso
| November 26, 2010 8:00 PM

Regarding Ms. Gressler's My Turn Nov. 20. She is correct in that too many people "want it and want it now." In my opinion, things have NOT been turned over to the "ignorant untried candidates." Those of the "intelligent tried and true experienced" were really doing a cracker job, but only an additional 60 seats of the House changed to the GOP, the remaining 375 seats either stayed Democrat or Republican even when the incumbent was voted out.

It didn't surprise me when the insurance companies and others jumped on the bandwagon bailout, as they assumed there was a "payoff' for them. What worries me were the bailouts in the first place.

Yes, George Bush signed off on it after Sec. of Treas. Paulson cried "the sky is falling," but let us not forget that it was candidate Barack Obama who campaigned very hard for Bush to do it. Frankly, I don't care how far behind the 8 ball the current President was when he took office. He wanted it! EVERY new President is, because none of them has any idea how tough things are until their eyes are opened on Jan. 21. Things are so much simpler on the campaign trail.

In fact, it wasn't Bush's mess, it was 15 years (1993-2008) in the making. Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Bill Clinton were the leaders of the gang that threatened lending institutions with even MORE regulation if they didn't begin lending to people who couldn't ordinarily qualify. Yeah, let's forget about those 20 percent down payments! Clinton had to somehow live up to his campaign pledge of giving everyone the American Dream.

Our taxes haven't gone up, YET! Health care HAS gone into effect just by its very intimidation to employers and insurance companies. Just today, dozens of insurance companies have notified people that they with not renew the Medicare Advantage plan. How is that for "everyone can keep their current insurance' pledge? We can add the President to the list of those who did NOT read the bill before it was passed!

Taxes definitely come in many forms. I can attest to that since I lived in California most of my adult life and paid to have them all. There is an excellent example of a state where liberals running government for 50 years has done really well. Let's give it to those greedy business owners, so they will move out of that state and take those jobs with them and leave it with over 14 percent unemployment!

President Bush was not responsible for the suspension of COLA to SS recipients. The COLA standard was written into law by, dare I write it, a Democrat Congress almost 40 years ago. Let's be fair, Republicans voted for it too. Alas, my SS isn't going up either!

The President never said "enough is enough" to anyone except his political opponents. His programs with never get the country back on its feet, because they don't work. Handing over 20 percent of General Motors to the UAW isn't what rights the ship. All he did was enable the company and don't forget all of those stock owners who lost everything as a result. Ordinary people who worked hard for the money they used to buy that stock.

The GOP isn't the answer to anything. The answer is for every single voter to keep track of what their elected official are doing and vote accordingly. Unfortunately, sadly even I have a few friends who don't vote!

I may disagree with Ms. Gressler on these issues, but I do appreciate her service as a police officer. There aren't many who step forward to stand the post to defend the country and its citizens. I applaud her!

Paul Ciruso is a resident of Athol.

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