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STUDY: Crossing not safe at all

| November 21, 2010 9:00 PM

I recently read your article regarding the lights being removed from Fifth Street and Sherman Avenue. In the article it was mentioned that Fifth was similar to Sixth with very few people crossing and very few accidents. I am disappointed in the person who did this study.

There are several of us who must cross Sixth every day at least twice, sometimes three or four times a day. This is a dangerous crossing. A person can wait while 6-10 cars go through before it is clear or someone will stop and let them cross. People in cars fly by and just stare at you like you are some kind of alien trying to cross and they do not get why you are standing there. Often you will get almost half way and they will fly by like you are not there.

One summer a fellow employee was narrowly missed while they gestured at him for crossing, then they came back and confronted him and tried to push him into a fight. The person conducting this study obviously does not consider human lives that important.

If we are experiencing this activity on Sixth then how can Fifth be any different? During the summer we also have the Farmers Market on Fifth involved, which adds a larger number of people attempting to cross.


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