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ELECTION: Being conservative pays

| November 21, 2010 9:00 PM

Although we're past the terrible campaign ads, the traditional liberal letters chastising voters and attacking the voters' choices are coming out.

Maybe we should compare where we are compared to our western neighbors who have liberal Democrats dominating their state legislatures.

Our budget was balanced by cuts in spending, and there was no sacred cow status given to unions. Everyone shared the pain of a recession, and as much as the unions wanted property taxes raised so they could get a raise, more than 90 percent of education money goes to salaries.

Our Washington neighbors raised property taxes and increased spending to put themselves further in debt. They put added taxes on soda, candy and bottled water. I guess they could tell the kids that they will pay more for candy and soda, and their kids will pay more. It's part of that Hope and Change thing.

And we have California raising taxes to about 10 times what we pay in property taxes - increased spending when they are $184 billion in debt. All licensing fees have doubled in the past year, and gasoline taxes raised for the last three years.

In order to protect a minnow, they shut off water to all the farms in the Sacramento Valley. Farmers and workers take a back seat to baitfish.

Instead of creating jobs, their focus is being food police, and banning Happy Meals for kids. Apparently they believe parents shouldn't be responsible for choosing what their children eat.

Although they increased state withholding taxes 10 percent, and imposed a surtax on taxes owed at tax time, any refunds come in the form of an IOU.

So, when I see the liberal spin letters complaining that they didn't get their way, I would hope they keep their (honk, sniff) pain to themselves.

In comparison, we should be glad we have citizen legislators doing their best for us. Our conservative voters don't believe we should change to California-style misleadership.



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