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CHICKENS: Pecking subject in Rathdrum

| November 14, 2010 9:00 PM

In regard to the chicken squabble Desiree Struble writes about... She failed to mention a few points. Struble wants you to believe she is the victim, that she was afraid of a chicken, and tried to no avail to get the Mayberrys' attention. Struble forgot to mention she was asked by another neighbor if they could get the chicken, Struble shut her door and waited for animal control. This neighbor witnessed the chicken jump the fence from her back deck that overlooks all the yards, and NO there wasn't another chicken about to light over the fence as claimed.

Struble also wants you to believe that the Mayberrys are the ones with their feathers ruffled. Quite the contrary coming from the person who called the police on the Mayberrys' daughter for accidentally mowing into her yard claiming "trespassing." Gosh, most people call the police for REAL emergencies. Did I mention the girl mowed Struble's WHOLE yard to correct the accident?

Furthermore, Struble has bigger issues if she believed a chicken was a rooster. Maybe an eye exam should be in her near future. Then to raise the question whether chickens will keep her home from selling when in reality there are plenty of reasons why her home in particular won't sell. You can't say you have a two-car garage and have the garage count as one of your bedrooms. It can't be both and wont pass code as a bedroom. So maybe chickens aren't to blame after all?



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