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STRAHORN: It was just fine before

| November 10, 2010 7:47 AM

An open letter to Hayden Lake City Council:

My husband and I have lived one-half block off North Strahorn for more than 30 years. A number of years ago the main route for those of us north of Hayden had an introduction of high speed bumps on the stretch between Hayden Avenue and Miles Avenue. Now that road has deteriorated to an absolute deplorable condition. How can a private citizen request speed bumps and receive them? Perhaps we should install these on all public streets, particularly around school routes, hospitals, etc. (not general streets).

Now, all this traffic has shifted over by the Country Club and homes. I am sure they are satisfied with this new plan. What does one block of bicycle path which doesn't exist before or after this stretch make? Same way part of that block was widened for a flower bed and island. Why can't this area be made wide in general without speed bumps?

In all the years we have lived here we have never known of any serious accidents on this stretch of street - the speed limit is 25 mph. This is adequate to slow traffic for any residential thoroughfare. Therefore, it isn't necessary for speed bumps - or a one-way street.



Hayden Lake

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