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ECONOMY: Best to buy American

| November 10, 2010 7:48 AM

Republicans-Democrats, it really makes no difference. The only way to improve this nation's economy is to start buying American-made products again. Go into a department store and tell them you will buy a 50-inch TV IF they can sell you one made solely in the US. You won't be buying a TV.

Do the same with almost any electronic devices. Maybe a high import tax would be an answer. Our problems started back in the ‘60s and ‘70s, when we started training people in other countries how to manufacture our products. At first, overseas companies had a lot of rejects, so what did our companies do? Simple, they just sent our people over there to train them. U.S. companies found a way to beat the unions: Go overseas. I personally know of someone that Hewlett Packard hired and sent to China on a three-year contract to train workers. Workers that will work for $.75 an hour.

Our economy was going downhill in the ‘90s, then 9/11 was the topper. We were already losing jobs, now we were spending all our reserves.

Want our job situation to improve? Bring back our manufacturing jobs. Which meant on the job training at auto industries, electronic industries, places that have products and manufacture them HERE. By Americans.


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