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Briefs November 10, 2010

| November 10, 2010 8:00 PM

State investigates deer poachings

BOISE (AP) - The state Department of Fish and Game is investigating the illegal hunting of five deer last month on private property in eastern Idaho.

The agency says a group of three or four young men were seen hunting the deer two to three weeks ago on the property west of Idaho Falls. Three bucks, a doe and a fawn were reported shot.

The wildlife agency says the men took the bucks, which were killed, and the doe, which was still alive, but left the fawn carcass. The doe, which had been tied up and put in the back of a pickup truck, later escaped.

Solar projects deadline extended

BOISE (AP) - The state's energy czar will give Idaho school districts an extra week to apply for a slice of about $2.75 million in federal stimulus money set aside for solar projects.

The Office of Energy Resources had planned to take grant proposals from districts for the Idaho Solar Panels for Schools program until Friday. That deadline has been extended to Nov. 19.

The money will go to installing large solar electric net-metered equipment at schools.

Each project is expected to be up to 100 KW in size and will generate electricity and revenue to cut districts' energy bills.

The program is also meant to teach students about alternative energy.