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OBAMA: Give him more time

| November 5, 2010 10:00 PM

I just finished reading a My Turn column in The Press where Dr. George Rodkey states, "We are being ruled more by the Communist Manifesto than by the Constitution of the United States of America."

In a previous column dated July 30, 2010, G.W. Rodkey asserted that President Obama is a traitor. Now he is implying that he is a communist. (Note to Dr. Rodkey, Ronald Reagan won the cold war and the communists were defeated, according to the Republicans.)

As in his previous column, Dr. Rodkey's column stated no facts to support his assertion. Here are some facts. I checked my closet this morning and my guns are still there. I checked my desk and my Bible is still there. I went to church a couple of Sundays ago and no officials stopped me. I can still petition my government and peaceably assemble if I want to petition for redress for any government wrongdoings. I checked my local newspapers and people are still allowed to express negative sentiments about our government, even if not true and without stating any supporting facts.

(My own concerns about President Obama have more to do with how long it's taking to change policies from those of the previous administration to the promises of the current administration. We still have Guantanamo, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the Patriot Act, for example.)

(I noticed that the word "freedom" to conservatives means corporations get to do anything they want but they want to greatly restrict individuals' personal freedoms.)

So who is a greater threat to our nation's freedom; a moderate legally elected government or citizens making paranoid accusations trying to undermine a democratically elected administration? If you don't like our government (which is we the people), then run for office and/or vote for someone you like. Do you have any positive solutions to suggest?

In the meantime, give Obama a chance. In my opinion he is trying his best to help people in need in this country.


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