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| May 6, 2010 12:19 PM

Dan Green, a Kootenai County resident for 19 years, moved to this area in 1991 with his wife Linda and his two sons.  One son currently attends the University of Idaho and the other is a senior at the CDA Charter Academy.

Dan has been actively involved in our community. He serves on the Board of CDA Homes. He and Linda participate in Panhandle Equine Rescue and for over 15 years has been transporting, sheltering and adopting-out abused and neglected horses. He washes dishes at his church’s soup kitchen and recently has been active in re-establishing a Bible Study Fellowship class for men in the CDA area.

Dan believes the position of County Commissioner centers around two primary functions: Manage the county’s finances and resources on a daily basis and make land use policies and decisions for the unincorporated areas in the county.  Dan’s knowledge and understanding of county issues has positioned him ahead of the other candidates in his race.

His experience and skill set uniquely qualifies him for the following reasons: 

    •    Having been in the lumber business for over 30 years, Dan took his business know-how and started his own company in 1995. Over the next 13 years, he managed a successful budget that generated millions of dollars in revenues.  In 2008 he retired at the age of 52.

    •    Dan has spent the past 8 years serving on the Kootenai County Planning and Zoning Commission.  This is his 6th year as chairman.  In that time, Dan has developed a level of land use expertise that only comes from experience, listening to all sides of an issue and making decisions based on research and the applicable law. 

As commissioner, Dan will effectively and efficiently manage the county's finances and operations. He’ll be a strong decision maker that will foster growth and promote our economy by offering a low tax and low regulatory environment.  He’ll make land use decisions promoting growth and the jobs that follow while preserving our North Idaho way of life. Families and businesses relocate to our area because this is one of the most beautiful places in the country.  Protecting our natural resources will help promote long term growth which in turn will promote a healthy economy.

Dan wants to return the job of County Commissioner to public service.  To institutionalize the job by making it a career is doing a disservice to the taxpayers.  Dan favors hiring a financial administrator and expanding the board to 5 part-time members.  He’d like to see the role of commissioner be more policy centered - addressing issues proactively, not reactively.  The current board micro manages county government.  He believes in setting goals for department heads and let them manage.  Expect results; reward achievers and discipline non-achievers.  Dan cannot emphasize enough that voters should be able to choose the kind of government they want representing them; a government that serves, saves taxpayer money and is more efficient. Business as usual is not an option for Dan Green.