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HART: He's on stallion of truth

| June 27, 2010 10:00 PM

It behooves me to address a point or two regarding the attempted pillage of Phil Hart by any number of adversaries, as well as the Editor of the CDA Press. It has always been a predominant characteristic of society to kick a fellow man when he is down, never considering that the battle the victim may be engaged in involves elements of truth that tend to penetrate the heart and soul of the oppressed constiuent. I must confess that I am not a close friend of Phil Hart, but I am sure he is a true scholar of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I am well aware that he has spent countless hours in the Library of Congress in his ongoing quest for knowledge where-in the tax on personal incomes of sovereign Americans is involved. To label Phil Hart as an outright tax cheat is an unfair assumption of his personal character.

One item of great concern to me in regard to the “1040 tax” has been to identify the law that makes it mandatory for the citizens of the states to file an annual  ‘confession sheet’ for the Federal Reserve Bankers, (or if you prefer, the IRS.)  If there is such a law, when was the bill passed by the Congress?  When was it printed in the Federal Register? I firmly believe there is such a requirement unless that portion of the Constitution has been trashed too.  In the event you might question my statement of confession and payment to the Federal Reserve. The collector of internal revenue sends the contribution on to any one of 12 Federal Reserve Banks while the friendly folk at internal revenue maintain your personal records, signed under penalty of perjury, for their pleasure and scrutiny. Examining the history of this private consortium of bankers is a story in itself that I would be most happy to touch upon in a future abbreviated disclosure. 

No doubt there will be an ethics committee hearing for Mr. Hart in the near future. Such a hearing should give the accused the opportunity to bare his soul and divulge the many shortcomings of this clandestine agency that he has so vigorously researched for a number of years. When this moment arrives, I would pray that Phil Hart will be riding a stallion representing truth and honor, and not a nag at the end of a shameful race as the Editor of the Press so disparagingly proclaims in his collaborated column of 6/18.


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