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VETERAN: Vandalism sign of ignorance

| June 25, 2010 10:00 PM

I was very upset by the letter from the disabled veteran whose car was vandalized and a note left behind because he was parked in a handicap parking space. Not all disabilities are apparent and not all disabled people are in a wheelchair!

My husband has a handicap permit after having suffered a stroke and back surgery. He is able to walk short distances before his back and legs become painful. If he has to walk across a large parking lot he uses all his energy and then is unable to walk further to accomplish what he came to the establishment for in the first place! 

With the handicap permit he is able to park close and still be able to take care of his tasks before his energy is gone and the pain sets in. People being treated for cancer or who have a heart condition also may look fine but find walking any distance extremely fatiguing. I know this firsthand from friends and family.

Handicap permits must be applied for and you must get your doctor's permission to apply for one. Shame on the person who vandalized that gentleman's vehicle. Don't judge others by their appearance.


Post Falls