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How to preview Ironmen and women

| June 25, 2010 7:12 AM

COEUR d’ALENE — Those who want to catch a preview of Ironmen breaking in droves from City Beach into the lake, but don’t want to fight the crowds Sunday — come Saturday.

Swimmers are already practicing the first part of the three-tier race at the beach, running and diving into the water by the hundreds once the sun rises.

Swimmers were spotted breaking from the beach at 6 this morning and by 8, City Park was in full gear with athletes suiting up, diving in, and then stripping down.

That’s right: Also for view are walls of towels.

But don’t look too hard at those. They’re being held up by friends of the athletes to let the swimmers strip down once they get out.

It’s a fun gathering, and you can pick up the accents from the different people both domestic and abroad. And the practice will run through tomorrow, so take your morning walk at City Park for a sneak peek.

Not that sneak peek. Look away from the towels. - Tom Hasslinger

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