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BUSINESS: Support locals first, foremost

| June 25, 2010 10:00 PM

Why are we as small town locals supporting out of state companies rather than our local businesses? This question has bothered me for sometime. This Fathers' Day weekend I'm watching car after car drive up Government Way passing a new local coffee stand and pulling into Dutch Bros. Why? To sit in a line 20-minute long line? 

This confuses and saddens me from a local business owner’s perspective. I am happy to say though that I supported the "local Brew" coffee stand and treated myself to one of the best caramel mochas I have had in a long time! I know if it was frustrating for me to watch it had to be a little sad for the nice lady running the stand to watch. I wish her the best of luck and hope that other people in this community will start to be a little bit more aware when making their choice between a local business that invests back in our community or a big chain stand that re-invests nothing back to our community!

The "local Brew" is located just south of Hanley in front of Par Time Tolf, Frame it and Graffiti Skateshop. Local businesses stimulate OUR economy and create jobs so I for one make it a habit to BUY LOCAL!


Dalton Gardens