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Missouri woman drowns at Glacier National Park

| June 24, 2010 9:00 PM

WEST GLACIER, Mont. - A 62-year-old Missouri woman drowned after she fell from a bridge and was carried away by a fast-flowing creek in Glacier National Park.

Park officials say the body of Elizabeth Gray McNamara of Kansas City was recovered Saturday downstream from Virginia Falls, a full day after she fell in.

The officials say that according to a witness accounts, the woman and her husband were walking across the bridge around noon Friday when she slipped and fell about four feet into cold, swift Virginia Creek.

She was quickly carried away by the current and her husband lost sight of her. Authorities say the 40-degree water would have made it difficult to survive very long.

About 20 park staff and a helicopter crew searched the stream for the rest of the day but her body wasn't found until a dive team located it wedged beneath a bridge.

Police: Tips slow on missing woman

LEWISTON - The pace of tips being received about the whereabouts of a missing southeastern Washington woman, who was last seen in April, has slowed, detectives say.

Meanwhile, Rachael Anderson's estranged husband - the last known person to see her - remains in an Idaho jail awaiting separate federal weapons charges.

Anderson has been missing since April 16. Early this year, the Clarkston, Wash., resident petitioned for divorce after alleging her husband, Charles A. Capone, strangled and shoved her.

The tips are still coming in, but "it's obviously a lot slower than it was to begin with," Clarkston Police Detective Dan Combs told the Lewiston Tribune.

Amber Griswold, Anderson's oldest daughter, says waiting for word of her mother has been difficult for the family. Anderson's birthday earlier this month was especially tough, she said.

Capone, a resident of Moscow, told authorities he last saw Anderson, 41, in Moscow, while she was driving a white GMC Yukon that was recovered in Lewiston several days later.

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