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HART: He's right, IRS, state wrong

| June 23, 2010 10:00 PM

Shame on you, Coeur d'Alene Press for participating in the character assassination of Rep. Phil Hart without having all your facts. I have at least read his book and am incredibly impressed with his research on the history of the Federal income tax that was first implemented in the most troubling year of our history, 1913. What did we do before that?

Somehow we managed to fund our government.  Wouldn't it be good to know and to see how it's possibly evolved into something our founders would cringe at?  Is it criminal to stand up against that which is legal but unjust? Just because something is legal doesn't mean we must accept it. If there are better options to what we are currently doing, shouldn't we be willing to consider other options.      Idaho state income taxes have only been in existence since the ‘60s and three of our surrounding states don't have them. Rep. Hart is attempting to make Idaho a more attractive state to live and work in. I support anyone that does their research, knows the facts and stands up against the status quo, when they believe it to be wrong and when offering a better solution.

The IRS has a reputation for punishing all that challenge them and are not above ruining the lives of those that don't bow to their "supreme" authority. Now that the IRS has seen that I have read Rep. Hart's book, can I expect an audit and disallowance of expenses too?


Coeur d’Alene