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Hey Dad, here's to you

| June 20, 2010 9:00 PM

Face it, Pop.

You're second fiddle in the family to Mom, which is the way it should be. Even if you're the foundation, she's the roof over their heads, the walls that protect them, the windows through which they see the world by day and the stars at night.

Maybe you bring home the bigger slab of bacon, and for that, what do you get? A thank you here, a hug there. But Mom is on the receiving end of the Mother Lode of Love. And yep, that's the way it should be, too.

In our humble view, dads tend to be generally capable family administrators, keeping an eye on long-range targets and assessing progress at certain intervals. Moms? They're the hands-on, day-in, day-out supervisors, janitors, middle managers and multi-tasking magicians. And truth be told, she probably owns the title of CEO but is sweet enough to let you think you're the boss. Did you notice the other day when she acted like you'd just cleaned the entire house, and all you'd done was take out the trash?

Well, Dad, No. 2 ain't bad. In the hearts of most Americans, Father's Day is a distant second to Mother's Day, but that's OK. And if you're doing all you can to help your family, providing support and setting a good example, your kids might even let you share that No. 1 ranking with Mom.

So fire up the barbecue. Put that hammock to good use. Select the refreshing beverage of your choice. Let Junior clean up the house; we mean, take out the trash. Spoil yourself today, Dad.

But while you're at it, tell your wife how much you appreciate all she does for your family, and tell your kids how much you love them. To the degree you show your family that they're the most important people in your life, every day is Father's Day.

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