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BP: Stockholders mustn't be blamed

| June 18, 2010 10:00 PM

We all feel very sorry for those involved in the BP blowout gushing of millions of gallons of oil, including BP. They didn’t ask for this horrendous problem that hasn’t been able to be contained. No one enjoys losing money, but when it is suggested by several, including our President, that the lowly stockholders be relieved of their yearly dividends, of which many depend, that talk should be discontined.

The stockholders are certainly not to be blamed for this mess. They have done absolutely nothing to cause it so why should they be denied a few extra dollars in their pocket because of it? Why not take away some of the many many millions that the CEOs and managers receive yearly to compensate for this loss? Where are our priorities? We do not appear to be aware of the word anymore in any of the corporations, and certainly not our Congress.