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A.M. Briefing: Senior rebounds from eviction

| June 17, 2010 5:49 AM

When the Press did a story just before Christmas on Post Falls 81-year-old widow Fernella Clairmont being evicted from the trailer park where she had lived for 18 years, many people stepped up to help because of her limited income. Fern continues to express her appreciation. The park manager never gave The Press or Fern a reason for her eviction, but he didn't have to under state law as long as a 90-day notice was given. (Fern claims she never missed a payment in those 18 years.) Six months later, Fern reports that she's happy in her new park and it's funny how trials, although difficult to understand at the time, lead to triumph. Her neighbors are friendly and she can have a small garden. The debate over whether the law should change and park managers should be required to provide a documented reason for evictions will no doubt continue.

- Brian Walker

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