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TIMBERLAKE: Fire chief wrong casualty

| June 16, 2010 10:00 PM

Timberlake Fire Patrons: To those of you who have no firefighting experience let me explain a few of the things that have transpired in the past few weeks in our community.

We have two new commissioners, Rudy Rudebaugh, president of the board, M. Fish and K. Quillin 7 years. These three are the ones who voted for Chief Jack Krill to be terminated. Now how much will it cost for Northern Lakes to "manage" Timberlake? Say "$85,000" per year.

My husband has been a volunteer for Timberlake for over 11 years. We have seen multiple chiefs including one commissioner as an acting chief come and go. Chief Krill has done more in the past couple of years to improve firefighter safety and morale than any of the others combined.

He has improved the equipment conditions immensley. My husband was taking a huge water tender to Montana in 2003 and had three tires blow out on that big truck. New tires were put on by Chief Krill. Chief has taken steps that risks his job to make sure the firefighters are as safe as possible. Training has been improved.

Now because of one little autoparts store keeper, one plumber and a banker, no firefighters in that bunch. We have been set back at least four years worth of hard work.

We have had 6 people resign and counting. Are you as safe now as you were last week?

There should be at least a recall or a vote of no confidence.


Kootenai County