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OUR FLAG: Respect and preserve it

| June 11, 2010 10:00 PM

Recent Memorial Day celebrations here in Idaho, the American flag was on display wherever you looked. Most in my neighborhood display their flags every day. Many here in Idaho are former California residents and know what it is to mostly see the Mexican flag displayed throughout California on many holidays and some areas see the Mexican flag displayed daily. For those that have come to this country, either legal or otherwise, your allegiance should be to the American flag and what it stands for. I served my time in Uncle Sam’s Navy during the 50’s, and visited many foreign countries during my tour and don’t recall seeing an American flag displayed in any of those countries. Only here in America.

A letter to the editor in the Press by a Coeur d’Alene resident claimed that on Memorial Day, they came upon a swastika flag around 20th and Sherman which disgusted them. If seeing a flag other than the stars and stripes disgusts them, they would be disgusted every day if they lived around the L.A. area. They think nothing of burning and stomping on our flag, but want the free benefits while living here. They claim they’re entitled to all the benefits that most of us have worked all our lives to guarantee and many of us have served our country, many have given their lives, so we all have the opportunity to live here.

A photo from California that I recently received shows high school students (mostly Hispanic) from Montebello High School, lowering the U.S. flag at the school without interruption. The Mexican flag was then hoisted and then the American flag was hoisted underneath upside-down. If you lived for any time in the L.A. area, this shouldn’t surprise you. Being a former newspaper reporter and covering the San Gabriel Valley area city government meetings, many city councils are completely Hispanic along with many police chiefs. I covered the monthly council meetings of Irwindale and Baldwin Park, with both having all Hispanic members. One city has the pledge of allegiance in English on their council chamber wall so the five council members can remember the words.

We should all understand what the state of Arizona is trying to control. When you read that Seattle and Los Angeles City councils passed an ordinance to boycott the state of Arizona, this should start to wake many of us up. This country is slowly in most areas and fast-track in other areas being taken over by Hispanic immigrants, again legal and otherwise. When we read and hear about their protest, it’s always referred to as “immigrants.” Most of America is made up of immigrants, except most of our ancestors came here legally from some other country. My ancestors came here from Ireland and Germany back in the 1700s.

Wake up Idaho and pass legislation like the state of Arizona before we get bogged down like California with no way out.


Coeur d’Alene

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