Thursday, February 22, 2024

RESPONSE: Liberal applies double standard

| December 31, 2010 12:36 PM

I would hope that Jimmy Pappas read Mr. Membury's excellent letter. While Pappas condemns Sarah Palin for making money with bestselling books and television work, his hero's methods of getting wealth are condoned by double standards.

What about a guy who pockets $3 million in grants (taxpayer money) and contributions to put forth false information on global warming, or a family fortune originating from bootlegging? How about the guy who preaches "buy American," orders his $10 million yacht built in New Zealand, and parks it in Rhode Island to avoid state taxes?

Liberal ideology is they seem to loathe the country and blame it for everything wrong in the world. They want to reshape it into what they think is right. A country weak and defenseless, where a few do all the work and support the ones who will not, where success is punished and lack of effort is rewarded.

LIBERALS want Fox News off the air, as they unfairly show video of liberals putting their feet in their mouths, and clearly lying to the public. They also want conservative radio shut down, as they will teach everybody what to think. They so strongly believe in their thinking they will do anything or say anything to achieve their goal of a liberal controlled society.

Pappas and others have the audacity to call Palin a liar and loser, although they don't specify a falsehood. As for the loser part, perhaps Jimmy can mention his bestselling books, elected offices held, television work and amounts he receives from speaking fees (amounts offered to not speak don't count).

Those who hail from the Pelosi country, where pot is good, Happy Meals are outlawed, bait fish are better than farmers or growing crops, want that same utopia here in Idaho.

I believe Pappas and his limited liberal following should seek treatment for cranial rhectifitus.