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Make 2011 the healthiest year of your life

by Dr. Amy Spoelstra
| December 29, 2010 8:00 PM

Let's start by asking a question that has an obvious answer. Would you like to save money on medical expenses this year and have the healthiest year ever? Your answer, unless you've managed to spend zero dollars, is most likely a resounding, "Yes!"

And why shouldn't you want to be healthier than ever fiscally and physically? Medical costs often times add up quickly leaving many people struggling to make ends meet. And often times we tend to put our own health at the bottom of the priority list because of finances. What if I told you there was a proven way to reduce your medical costs and be healthier than ever before in the New Year? I can imagine that you would like to know how this would be possible.

Take a look at this study. The answer lies within.

• The June 1996 issue of Topics in Clinical Chiropractic reports that older patients who use chiropractic health care services end up using fewer medical services such as hospitals, nursing homes, and prescription drugs.

• 74 percent of the people under chiropractic care did not need the use of a hospital in the three years prior to the study versus 53 percent of the study group not under chiropractic care, a 21 percent difference.

• 87 percent of those patients under chiropractic care perceived themselves to be in good to excellent health. Only 68 percent of those not under chiropractic care thought their health to be good to excellent. Put simply, chiropractic works.

It is that simple. Chiropractic care works on a simple philosophy that for many remains overlooked. Chiropractic corrects spinal misalignments that restrict vital nervous system messages from getting to the cells, organs, and tissues of your body. Without these messages, those integral components are not functioning at their optimal level, therefore restricting your body's ability to heal itself.

Chiropractic is also the quickest way to ward off those pesky medical bills that can pile up in a moment's notice. As mentioned in the study above and in many other studies as well, chiropractic care reduces a patient's need to rely on traditional medicines. Less reliance equals lower bills for you and your family. Unlike some medical procedures and prescription medicines, chiropractic is safe and effective for everyone from the newborn on up.

Isn't it time you begin to enjoy what so many people already know...great health while caring for your bank account as well? Chiropractic is your shortcut to better health and wellness without the need for hefty bills and invasive treatments.

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