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Dieting hardship conquered by chocolate

| December 29, 2010 8:00 PM

Ever been on a diet and had a hard time sticking with it because of your sweet tooth (something that may have led to your weight gain to begin with)? Well fear no more...CHOCOLATE to the rescue!

With documented statistics showing that 9 out of 10 people CRAVE chocolate and 50 percent of people say they can't live without it, no wonder we have a hard time dieting...we all love our chocolate! And now you can actually eat healthy and decadent chocolate on a revolutionary new weight loss program that capitalizes on the known health benefits of chocolate and the antioxidant properties it naturally contains.

For years the medical community has touted the benefits of dark chocolate for helping with cardio vascular health, brain function, decreasing inflammation, stabilization of blood sugar, appetite suppression and weight loss. Now a whole family of products has become available that deliver all the benefits of chocolate in a delicious and decadent functional food.

Research confirms that free radicals, caused by the environment we live in, the foods we eat and the social choices (smoking, drinking, exercise etc.) we make, are a major source of illness, aging and increased health concerns, including obesity.

To fight free radicals, we need antioxidants. The best and highest grade source of antioxidants is raw unprocessed cocoa, scientifically proven to be better than the mountains of green leafy vegetables and fruit we normally associate with high antioxidant contents!

This past summer, Keith Allen of Coeur d'Alene was chosen as one of 50 participants in a medically supervised lifestyle study on the effectiveness of a revolutionary high antioxidant chocolate meal replacement drink along with exercise, plenty of sleep, lots of water and other healthy choices.

For him, the fact that he could consume two delicious and nutritionally healthy (21g protein, 3g fat, 8g complex carbs, less than .5 g sugar, 8 g of fiber and 20 amino acids) high antioxidant chocolate drinks while also consuming four-six pieces of absolutely delicious dark Belgian chocolate made it the easiest weight loss system he has ever used.

He lost 51 pounds in 90 days and reduced his waist size by 10 inches. In the three months since then he has easily maintained his weightloss by using the proven maintenance plan of one healthy high antioxidant drink per day along with the chocolate. He continues to work out and exercise five days per week and his new healthy lifestyle has him wearing clothes sizes he has not worn in over 20 years.

The products are now available to the general public and for details on how to get them or for more information on how they work contact Keith Allen, (208) 660-8452 or email keithincda@gmail.com.

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