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Servicing your mobility equipment

by Michael Derosie-Drye A.T.P.
| December 23, 2010 8:00 PM

How often does insurance (Medicare) cover service or modification to mobility equipment? Where can you get said service? Do you have to receive service at the original company where equipment was provided?

Once equipment is authorized through insurance, it usually comes with a warranty from the manufacturer. This is typically outlined in an owner's manual that should have been provided at delivery. Service during this period should be completed by the supplying company. When this period is complete you are free to take your equipment to any dealer that accepts Medicare and is willing to repair your equipment.

Items covered by your insurance service plan are those items that were supplied and approved by that insurance company. They will cover the repair if and only if the damage was within normal and expected use. If equipment is being misused, the beneficiary may be responsible for the repair costs. The beneficiary is responsible for light up-keep or maintenance unless completely incapable.

Mobility equipment is a wonderful tool to help complete your (or your loved ones) mobility related activities of daily living. If you are interested in finding out more about repairs to your mobility equipment or any other mobility needs you might have, please feel free to contact American Seating & Mobility at (877)339-1234.

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