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Local infrared heater distributor makes top in nation

| December 23, 2010 8:00 PM

Infrared heaters are proving to be a superior asset in providing zoned heat for those hard to heat areas while also reducing heating cost.

However, the real question may be which one to get. There are many to choose from and all of them say they are the best. So as a consumer how do you know which one to invest your hard earned money in?

Look no further than the 'original' infrared heater by Solar Comfort. Inspired American Decor is the regions exclusive dealer for this ultra safe Infrared heater, which is the only Infrared heater that has a solid track record for nearly thirty years. The extremely knowledgeable staff at Inspired American Decor sells these amazing heaters all over the United States and is ranked number two in the nation.

"We have the ability to carry any Infrared heater on the market and have been contacted numerous times by Solar Comfort's competition trying to get us to carry their product. However, we choose only the Solar Comfort for its strong track record of safety, the amazing number of years of stability and for its simplicity. If there was another Infrared heater on the market that we could feel comfortable with putting our business name behind, we would give our customer's that option as well," Charles, owner of Inspired American, said.

Right as you enter into the store location, you can't miss the amazing heat coming from this little heater that resembles a piece of furniture. Perhaps just as impressive is their knowledge of all the Infrared heaters, how to use them and a demonstration and comparison of actual proof as to why the Solar Comfort is the best choice.

Unlike other Infrared heaters, the Solar Comfort boast the only real furnace like heat exchanger that is its real key to efficiency. In fact, the unique heat exchanger is so efficient that after the 1500 watts from heat lamps shut off it will put out heat up to 5 minutes longer than any other brand at only 15 watts.

In addition, the proven heat lamps in the Solar Comfort put out a much more comfortable heat more like the sun and has been proven much safer than its quartz counterpart. These lamps are known to last an average of 5-7 years or more and if they ever need a replacement it is so simple to change out in 5 minutes or less. Nothing else is like it!

If you are looking for a safe Infrared heater that has been known to last 20 to 30 years or more, contact Inspired American Decor at (208) 664-8876 or stop by the areas only Infrared brick and mortar sales and service center at the N.W Corner of Hwy 95 And Appleway. Look for the horse and Amish buggy on hwy 95.