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RANTS: Respect others' opinions

| December 22, 2010 9:00 PM

This is regarding the irrational rants in the Opinion column recently. If things had been being done right, all these reversals and oustings would not have taken place. The criticisms and outrage aimed at Conservatives, and particularly the Tea Party, are an example of the attacks.

These groups are made up of people from every aspect of the country, working, unemployed, retired, professional, left-leaning and right-leaning, Christian and non-Christian. Everyone has seen their gatherings.

This whole thing began and gained momentum out of dissatisfaction of two years of broken promises and out of control government spending. We all saw the signs those people were waving. Just because "they" weren't violent and nasty doesn't mean "they" weren't serious. It showed at the polls, and will again if the people who were elected this time don't do the job they were chosen to do.

The anger, vitriol and outright hatred doesn't advance the cause of the person expressing it, no matter what level of education they've achieved. It only diminishes the person, causes others to turn away from their viewpoint and regard them as radicals.