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Extra expenses piling up

| December 20, 2010 8:00 PM

This grandma's grown son has not been able to work since he was injured in an automobile accident.

He has had no income for a year, and moved in with his mother while he waits to be approved to receive disability checks.

The dad has shared legal custody of his two small sons who live with the grandmother much of the time also.

"I am afraid the little boys will not get anything for Christmas," she told Press Christmas for All.

She is 60 and working to support all of them on her salary that was cut this past year.

Her youngest grandson, a 2-year-old, has a medical condition that requires a special diet, special clothes and special laundry detergents. With the extra expenses, there is nothing left for any sort of holiday celebration.

With our readers' assistance, Press Christmas for All works to brighten the holidays for folks like this - people left jobless, homeless or who are barely making ends meet, individuals with disabilities or illnesses. Many are alone this holiday season.

Last year our generous readers' donations allowed us to assist thousands of families in need, and this year we expect to be asked for help from far more.

Each day until Christmas, we will share with you the stories of those whose holiday memories will be a little happier because of Press Christmas for All.

Donations are collected, then distributed in the form of gift cards to Kootenai County residents in need.

Press Christmas for All is a holiday charity now in its 25th year. It is managed as a nonprofit by The Hagadone Corp. Because it is run by volunteers from The Hagadone Corp. and their partners at Kootenai County Fire and Rescue, every penny raised is distributed in the form of gift cards to Shopko and to Super 1 Food Stores. Contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. The cards can be used to buy food and gifts but not alcohol or tobacco products.

To donate, please send a check to:

Press Christmas for All

201 Second St.

Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814

You can also call (208) 664-8176 weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. and donate by credit card.

Recent donors include:

Donald Mitchell "In Memory of Louise Mitchell"; John & Betty Molyneaux; Anonymous; Paul & Helga Montgomery; Harry Muehlman & Patricia McPhee; Larry & Barbara Nelson & CDA Mines Corp.; Paul Rau; Kristine Regele "In honor of Dennis & Mary Casey"; Anonymous; Penny Robinson; Sherry Robinson; W.R. & M.C. Robinette; Rob & Jill Rollins; John Ruddock; Anonymous; Joan & James Sanders; Patricia Schauer; Anonymous; Faye Shankle "In memory of Joe Shankle & Floyd & Ann Self"; Eliane Simms; A.L. & Betty Smeltzer; Thomas & Sally Stuber; Chris Swanson; Lucille Talley; Anonymous; Heather & Christopher Tenbrink; Chuck & Mary Lou Thompson; Jean Torgerson; Tom & K.J. Torgerson; Nona Trujillo; Mary & Robert Ward; Amanda, Kyra, Deanna & George Wine; David & Nancy Wright; Dennis & Kathryn Arneson; Bailey & Sharon Barrett; Sterling Savings Bank.

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