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GOD: Let lyrics lead our leaders

| December 19, 2010 9:00 PM

The editor has been gracious to print my letters to The Press. We, the People of America, are mostly happy to have been blessed to live in this free, exceptional country which was founded by such deep thinking and honorable statesmen who believed in God - often referring to Him as Provident-or Providence.

Recently, we went to the concert by the Northwest Sacred Music Chorale which was most wonderful! One of the most powerful works was an anthem by Randall Thompson, a great American composer. Titled, "The Last Words of David" the text set to beautiful music is as follows: "He that ruleth over men must be just, must be just. Ruling in the fear of God - ruling in the fear of God."

If you appreciate good music, you should attend and support them, whenever the Chorale performs!

We expect our elected officials to govern justly, honestly and fairly. Is it too much for us to expect them to follow these basic guidelines?

"He that governs over men must be just, governing in the fear of God!" Perhaps if we all would ask them to govern as the song says, they would. Are we willing to write or call our elected officials and ask them to do just that, and are we willing to pray that they will listen, and act appropriately?

With great expectations for the years ahead.


Post Falls