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Man rescued from ice in lake

| December 18, 2010 8:00 PM

SANDPOINT - A landowner at Sunnyside rescued a person who became trapped on a detached piece of ice in Lake Pend Oreille on Thursday evening, Northside Fire District officials said.

The name of the landowner was not being disclosed and the name of the victim was not available, Northside Chief Brad Mitton said.

It was not clear what the person was doing on the ice, but he appeared to be OK.

Mitton said the landowner saw the person was in distress and picked him off the ice with a johnboat and brought him to shore.

"He was surprised at how quickly that current carried him around the point," Mitton said.

The incident happened near Hawkins Point shortly before 5 p.m. Northside Fire deployed its rescue boat and searched for about a half an hour without any sign of the person. Northside personnel were also stationed on shore west of the point.

Mitton said the landowner later came down to the search area and advised them the person was safely ashore.

"It's a job well done by the property owner," said Mitton.

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