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ECONOMY: Local priorities misaligned

| December 17, 2010 6:36 AM

This is a sad Christmas story. For years, Susie's Bar & Grill in Hayden has raised thousands of dollars for her nonprofit charity, "Keep It Local Christmas," adopting many local families that need help. It won't be possible this year.

Susie lost her lease due to the owner's bank foreclosure. The property across the street was purchased and renovation was stopped due to permit delays. The intent was to hire local contractors for the improvements, employ 40-plus people and open by Nov. 1. This did not happen, nor is it in sight.

All the employees are on unemployment, contractors aren't getting the work, vendors are losing money and the agencies are without taxes. The community is suffering because of this. With the condition of our economy, I would think expediting and supporting local business would be of the utmost importance rather than issuing permits for more houses when no one can get work.