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A case of spaces

by Tom Hasslinger
| December 17, 2010 8:00 PM

COEUR d'ALENE - An upper level parking structure that could cost more than $1 million could grace the west side of the Kroc Community Center parking lot by late next summer.

Right now, the center is working on a conceptual design for the one-story project with around 120 additional spaces, hoping to send it out to bid by February.

"It's always a challenge when we have an event," said John Chamness, executive director. "It just takes a toll on the parking and the rest of the building suffers."

Talk of adding parking began at the center almost immediately after it opened in 2009. The 352-space lot can fill quickly at the facility, which boasts a membership count of 18,000 and regularly hosts special events like concerts and swim meets.

The project would still have to be approved by the Salvation Army corporate office before building could begin around April. The conceptual design is being penned by Architects West Inc. Access points are still being worked out, but the design would be similar to the upper level parking structure at the Riverstone Development behind the Regal Cinemas theater.

A price hasn't been nailed down, but it costs around $12,000 to $18,000 per structured parking space to construct so the project could exceed $1.2 million. Chamness said the center is working on possible funding sources.