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APOLOGY: Pay up, Mr. Commissioner

| December 15, 2010 9:00 PM

On Thursday night I attended another Kootenai County Commissioners hearing regarding making the placement of Coeur d'Alene Paving's temporary asphalt plant a more permanent addition to the neighborhood. As I took my turn and began to speak I was absolutely floored by the outright disrespect that I was shown by Commissioner Piazza. I was admittedly emotional and trying desperately to explain that we had invested the proceeds from our previous house, about $165,000 into our property and then spent another $150,000 building a new home on it and then were forced to sell around a $145,000 loss because we could not bear to live next to an asphalt plant day in and day out.

As I was speaking he looked away and started smiling. I cannot imagine what would possess a public servant paid by tax dollars to be rude to a taxpayer. I should have expected it considering the treatment he gave others begging for mercy but I believe in the system and hoped to be treated with decency and the respect with which I treated him.

We invested every penny we had into that property and deserved at least some faked compassion. You owe me, and the taxpayers of Kootenai County, an apology Commissioner Piazza.



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