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What if we fail?

| December 10, 2010 8:00 PM

It was a fair question.

A donor to Press Christmas for All wondered: "What happens if you don't reach your goal of $200,000?"

What, indeed?

For now we won't do more than shudder at the thought. The goal is high, but in this amazing community, we vigorously insist that it's attainable.

With two weeks 'til Christmas Eve, the donations are streaming in steadily. And it's a good thing. As we'd thought, the level of need this holiday season is enormous, with close to 10,000 individuals seeking help. That's enough to buckle the knees. We're braced for a happy ending anyway.

The messages accompanying donations this year, despite a difficult economy and so many people out of work, are more than encouraging; they're inspiring.

We're hearing from residents who have lived here for years but are giving to Press Christmas for All for the first time because they recognize the need and want to help.

Many donors have challenged themselves to give more this year than last. Sometimes it's a dollar or two extra; sometimes it's much, much more than that.

Knowing it's a tough economy, several businesses have found creative ways to make giving to Press Christmas for All more attractive for their employees. Increasing the company match is one way. Another is spicing up the prizes for company raffles.

We said it when the fundraising campaign began a couple weeks ago, and we'll say it again.

No tears this Christmas.

That's an order, Santa.

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