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HEALTH CARE: We need public option

| December 8, 2010 4:20 AM

Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, aren't you tired of the insurance companies getting rich off you?!

Each year their rates go up at least 33 percent. And they always have an excuse to do so! As long as it can fill their pockets and make a profit!

Well... I HAVE HAD IT!

Please take a moment and hear me out. I have heard a lot of people complaining and arguing about a Public Health plan. Some don't like it because they think they are not going to get the care they need, some complain about not being able to choose their own doctor and some complain about the cost that they might have to pay more taxes.

Here is what I say... WAKE UP AMERICA!

Are you getting the care you need now? I mean, I hear so many people complain that they can't get a procedure done because they have to pay so much out of pocket.

Are you getting the meds you need? I hear many people complain that they have to cut their meds in half because they can not afford them.

Are you able to choose your own doctor? I am sorry, I don't think so! That is regulated by your insurance company.

Is it cost effective to pay your insurance each month? Eh, I don't think so. It is a lot that comes out of your paycheck each month and they raise it each year by at least 33 percent.

Are you worried about the illegal immigrants abusing health care? They already do so and we are paying for it!

So even with having insurance, you can't afford to get sick in America!

So I ask, what is wrong with a Public Option plan? It is only in our interest! For crying out loud. Quit looking at one country like Canada because you heard horrible stories. Let me tell you something... I lived most of my life in Europe, Belgium. Belgium is a Democratic country and has a socialized medical system. Nobody and I mean nobody has ever struggled over there with premium costs, deductibles to meet, not able to get meds or being denied of health care nor did I hear horrible stories. These insurance companies want you to be scared of it because they will loose a lot of money if America should ever go this route.

Are you concerned about paying more taxes to be able to get this through? Well, don't you want to pay $1 more on a sales tax item than having to worry your whole life long whether you can afford to get the care you need? I mean, it's not rocket science.

It is an outrage that for such a country like America that there are people struggling to get their needs met. Help you can only get if you are dirt poor. Middle class pays for everything and the rich get away with everything.

Well, I have had it! What about you?


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