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RESPONSE: Obama blocking the GOP

| April 28, 2010 10:00 PM

Jimmy Pappas, your earlier letter on splitting into two countries was a hoot but your recent My Turn column on the tea party groups was downright hilarious. I submitted a response (which wasn't published) to your letter which said I had the perfect name for your new country: OZ. You already have the wizard hiding his intentions behind the curtain while the wicked witch of the west flies her multi-million dollar broomstick to the house each week. There was more but let that do.

Your column further establishes that you're living in a dream world. “Organizing hate and malicious lies, aiming them in an inappropriate direction, ...” etc. etc. Where in the land of OZ did you dream up such drivel?

The GOP offers no solutions? The GOP can't get the arrogant snake-oil salesman to listen. Laying the blame for tax problems and spending on the GOP while ignoring the real culprit (the party deservedly known as the tax-and-spend party) is absolutely comical. Read Larry Kettle's letter in the same issue as your column for a small dose of the real world. Then I suggest you tap your ruby slippers together three times and get back into that real world.


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