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IMMIGRANTS: Idaho needs Arizona law

| April 28, 2010 10:00 PM

Arizona has just now said no to illegal immigration. State and local police who have reasonable suspicion to believe someone is an illegal alien can stop that person for additional inquiry. If the person is illegal, authorities have authority to apprehend. These authorities are enforcing existing federal law.

 Idaho needs a clone of this statute. We have high unemployment and do not need one illegal to compete for any job. Illegals are no longer agricultural or farm workers, they work throughout the U.S. in restaurants, construction, fast food, and in the big box stores. They kill opportunities for our own workers and children by working for under prevailing wages to cut out American workers. Unions used to fight against them but now embrace them as new members.

 There is no U.S. Constitutional bar to a state passing legislation where there is federal legislation. The Arizona law mirrors federal law and seeks to provide effective enforcement of it when the Feds have failed miserably.

 We have a vigorous Republican primary between Raul Labrador and Vaughn Ward. This issue is not going away. I am for doing everything we can legally do to end illegal immigration into Idaho. Where do you stand, Raul and Vaughn?