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IB/PYP: Hidden agenda nonexistent

| April 28, 2010 10:00 PM

I’m a Christian, a conservative AND a PYP teacher. I work at Hayden Meadows and can’t stand by while misinformation is out there.

Do I teach reading? Yes. Do I teach math? Yes. Do I teach Social Studies, Language Arts, and Science? Yes. I teach the state and district standards like all the teachers at my school; then why IB?

First, students are introduced to a foreign language, which in high school is a desired course so colleges will look favorably at them. Next, students are immersed daily in critical thinking and thoughtful questions that help them develop skills to become informed citizens in their community and in life. Finally, we model integrity, respect, principles and all the learner profiles and attitudes so our students can live in any city, anywhere and be successful and productive learners and citizens.

There is no hidden agenda! How do I know? I write the lessons using the standards directed by the state and district and I teach those lessons.


Teacher, Hayden Meadows

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