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BROADSWORD: A responsive legislator

| April 28, 2010 6:18 AM

I am writing to give kudos to Sen. Joyce Broadsword. Sen. Broadsword serves her constituents in District 2 well. One morning, I became aware of a bill being introduced to the Senate floor.  I e-mailed Sen. Broadsword re:  my concerns on the bill. By the next morning, she responded. Her concerns for those affected by the Department of Health and Welfare/Medicaid cuts were genuine.  She assured me she would weigh all information before casting her vote.  Although the bill passed,  Senator Broadsword took the time from her schedule to email me to pass on the assurances the Dept. of Health and Welfare had given her.

Whenever I have emailed her with concerns she  made sure that I knew how much she appreciated my contact.  This is the person that I want working in Boise.  When I have a concern, I want to feel supported.  I know that her job is a very tough job, especially in lieu of the current economic crisis. In the end, my concern must be addressed in my mind or it remains a concern.  I appreciate Senator Broadsword for her attempts to address my concerns.  When casting your vote for District 2, please consider Senator Broadsword.