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Vandal tries to cut down statue

| April 21, 2010 9:00 PM


<p>Vandals recently used a saw to cut most of the way through the ankles of a wooden bear sculpture in Coeur d'Alene.</p>

COEUR d’ALENE — Thanks to some vandal with a saw, a carved wooden bear needs some repair.

The city of Coeur d’Alene reported an unusual vandalism complaint to police Tuesday morning, when the parks department noticed piles of fresh sawdust next to the statue of the wood-carved bear at Bryan Field at the corner of Harrison Avenue and 10th Street.

“Nobody has ever taken a saw before and tried to cut down our artwork,” said Doug Eastwood, parks director. “This is the first time that has happened.”

The perpetrator(s) didn’t complete the job, as the bear is still standing.

But a heavy wind could knock it off, as both ankles are more than half way cut through.

The department is planning on fortifying the statue, which is around eight years old, nine feet tall, and perched on a stump at the field near Bryan Elementary School.

“It’s hanging on with what wood was left,” Eastwood said of the chain saw artwork, for which the city paid around $500.

To keep it in place, the department will look into possibly drilling rebar though the feet and stump to secure it — or implementing some other outside bracing.

While the city parks aren’t immune to vandalism, this type of meticulous act is a first.

“It would take a few people and a hefty truck to move,” Eastwood said of the culprits possibly looking to make away with the art.

Information: The police department at 769-2319 or Eastwood at 769-2251