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HARRIS: Bet on the real experts

| April 21, 2010 10:00 PM

It’s impossible for most of us to judge which information is correct and significant in Jeffrey Bourget’s attack on Cliff Harris. However Harris is a highly trained climatologist with decades of experience, who does a phenomenal job of forecasting the weather by utilizing over a hundred years of weather records.

I know nothing of Bourget’s qualifications, if any. He is a resident of Coeur d’Alene. If he lived there in 2008, when we had a total snowfall of 17 1/2 feet during the calendar year, he should have some doubts about global warming. That snowfall was due to the fact that we normally have considerable rain through the winter, but it was too cold and all fell as snow.

Bourget’s attacks on Harris’s sources appear to be largely “guilt by association.” He essentially said “don’t believe that source, because he knows someone who is a kook.”

The guru of global warming, Al Gore himself, has a bachelor’s degree in government, including only two low-level science courses.

He scraped out a C in one and a D in the other. His book, misnamed, “An Inconvenient Truth,” contains at least 70 untruths, but has proven quite convenient for Big Al. His million-dollar fortune at the time he lost the presidency, has grown to over $100 million, and if global warming legislation is enacted, it will make him a billionaire.

Some of the “warmers’” obvious lies are:

1. There is consensus that CO2 will cause catastrophic global warming.

2. All results of warming will injure mankind.

3. The last decade was the warmest on record.

4. The warming will reduce world wide agricultural production.

5. Polar bears are going extinct.

6. etc. (this letter is getting too long)