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WARD: Military credentials key

| April 18, 2010 10:00 PM

Scott Loheed writes that if he were going to a combat theatre, he would like Vaughn Ward to be at his back, but he is not going, so he supports Raul Labrador.  This suggests that Mr. Ward’s national defense and intelligence background is unimportant in a U.S. House election.

Since 9/11, we are all at war, at home, in Iraq, and Afghanistan. Vaughn Ward served as a Marine Corps officer in multiple overseas locations. He volunteered to return to active duty to lead a Marine company in Fallujah, Iraq, some of the worst fighting of the war, earning a Bronze Star for bravery.  Ward also joined the CIA and served in the Middle East.

After graduating from Boise State, Vaughn Ward worked for Dirk Kempthorne, a conservative Republican, on Kempthorne’s campaign and U.S. Senate staff. He also represented the Marine Corps in the Senate as a military Fellow.

Raul Labrador may be an excellent conservative local politician but against Vaughn Ward he just does not measure up.  If elected to the House, Vaughn Ward will immediately lead and make national security and intelligence policy while Raul Labrador would be a typical freshman just trying to figure all that out.



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