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CASA: Staff deserves applause

| April 16, 2010 10:00 PM

I would like to point out an accidental but GLARING omission to your article on CASA in last Friday's paper! Your otherwise well written article on CASA did not mention Judy Morbeck, 1st Judicial CASA Director!

Judy is an experienced and tireless advocate for CASA, our kiddos and our team of volunteers.  She has sheperded CASA through two very challenging years. Judy is an expert fundraiser and works absolute magic with the CASA budget.

As a CASA, I can personally atest to the dedication of Judy as our director, Erin Cunningham, Hazel Jewett and Ellie Creighton who supervise us and Josette Schultz who does just about everything else.

The success of the Ray of Hope function was because of these hard working women and they should be recognized along with the other wonderful women named in the article.

Thank you to all the CASA staff for everything you do!



North Idaho CASA

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