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SHOOTING: Where is truth in tragedy?

| April 9, 2010 10:00 PM

In regards to the case between Chad Moore and Ryan Taylor, I am concerned about the validity of the media and journalism provided.

Many people are distraught over the brutality of events that played out. Undeniably, Moore is held responsible for the murder of Taylor. What I must inform you is the unprofessionalism of the police and reporters ... turning this event into an elevated masquerade of the good and the bad. Chad was a good man.

A good father. A loving son. Ryan was a good man, a good son. What concerns me is how the police handled the situation. Taylor had beat up Chad several times. Note, that this murder occurred after Taylor had come to his house while his ex-wife was not there, perhaps persistent to beat him again. Several shots were fired at Taylor, some hitting within the extremities but one being fatal. We will see in the police report.

Speculate, why didn’t the police handle this continually occurring abuse correctly between Chad and Taylor? Two reports of assault were previously reported to the police. Things have played out all too gruesome given the parties’ involved radical actions, as well as Chad committing his own suicide afterwards. Taylor was not a hero. Chad was no villain. Two men died in vain.


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