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HAMMOND: Find comment insulting

| April 9, 2010 10:00 PM

As a retired teacher with 35 years of experience I was highly insulted with the comment made by Senator Hammond when he stated that teachers would take a 4 percent pay cut because of their dedication. I would like to challenge Mr. Hammond to find a teacher that would be willing to turn over their classroom for a week or a month. I wonder how he would feel after five or 20 days of working the hours I kept for 35 years? I am sure he would want a 4 percent increase in pay.

I find it very depressing that teachers get the bad press for failing their students. I contend that most teachers are NOT failing their students’; it is the parents that are failing their children when parents expect schools to do it all. Parents fail to help with reading practice and drilling on math facts at home. There is not enough time in a school day to give a class of 25 to 30 kids the time to adequately practice reading or drill on their math facts. The lack of time is not the teachers fault, but it makes the parents involvement very important. Teachers often dedicate their free time (lunch and recesses) trying to make students accountable for their reading and homework because the parents don’t do their job to work in partnership with the schools.

Most teachers are a blessing in their students’ lives. They deserve the support and respect from parents and the state legislature.


Idaho Falls

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