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CHRISTIANS: They can love anybody

| April 9, 2010 10:00 PM

In response to Joan Harman’s letter. Jesus Christ was not produced by the Jewish people. He left the right hand of God the Father to be reborn again as a human here on earth to fulfill the prophecy of the “messiah"!

To put the blame on Christians or to call them “jew haters” just shows how little Ms. Harman knows about the Christian Church or Christians! Jesus Christ taught us to love all, including the jews as well as our enemies. He taught us to love the sinner but not the sin!

If she would like to know the difference; maybe she could visit a mosque in Iran, Saudi Arabia; or even one here in the United States. And compare it to the teachings of my church in Post Falls, Real Life Ministries!

The Christian Church is not one of any organized religion, although it can be. The “church” as Christ spoke of is the people who follow him and his teachings. We have been warned by scripture of false prophets and prophesies such as those that preach that Jesus was the brother of lucifer.

The road to our salvation was and is specifically laid by Jesus Christ. So please don’t compare the followers of the “church” to non-believers. Although the followers of the “church” are still guilty of sin and should be admonished.

As far as the removal of Christian beliefs from our government; that was solely done by liberal progressive non-believers.


Coeur d’Alene

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