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CHRISTIANS: Criticism is a form of bigotry

| April 9, 2010 10:00 PM

Joan Harman’s piece “My Turn” in the April 3 Press falls into the same old anti-Christian rhetoric of atheism, which is bigotry in itself. If Joan knew anything about the Followers of Christ she would know that we count our religious Jewish friends as brothers. Christ was for Jews and gentiles alike and He was against violence of all kinds. Christians have never considered Jews as “Christ Killers.”

Granted some men have called Jews “Christ Killers” and many have killed Jews, but they could not have been Christ Followers. They were no better than Hitler, Stalin or the Ottoman Turks. Joan is right that bigotry toward Jews is not just history. Hear Iran pledging to wipe Israel off the map. Look at Israel’s neighbors ready to pounce. And yes there is bigotry toward Jews in this country as well as elsewhere.

But take another look Joan; do you see a Christ Follower among them? If you do, identify one. Bigotry is incompatible with following Christ. Read Christ’s commands and learnabout what you write.



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