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ANSWER BOOK: Ad not a good neighbor

| April 7, 2010 5:23 AM

 I received my anticipated Answer Book in The Press Tuesday morning. This great resource guide to our community is always a welcome treat! However, I am dismayed with church advertisement. There is no listing in the index to find a house of worship as in past editions. When I did finally locate the church page, I found it on page 96 — the very LAST page in the booklet. How distressing to find only five churches who chose to advertise out of the many here in North Idaho! Just guess what it was next to? You guessed it… the Women of Showgirls ad in all their glory.            

Maybe it’s me, but this seems in bad taste. I would like to suggest for next year, that church listings are in the index, and placed in a more appropriate place. Perhaps then they will be inclined to give you more business!


Post Falls