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Wingerdan goes low at Twin Lakes

| April 6, 2010 9:00 PM

TWIN LAKES - Andrew Van Wingerdan shot a 2-under 38 for Timberlake, but Bonners Ferry posted three scores in the 40s, led by Aaron Moe's 42, at Twin Lakes Village on Monday.

Neither team was able to field a full girl's team.

"Andrew's score came in bad, bad conditions," Timberlake coach Matt Miller said. "It was rainy, cold and windy, so it was very impressive."

Timberlake will compete in the Post Falls Invitational on Thursday at Prairie Falls.

At Twin Lakes Village

Par 36

2,882 yards

TEAM SCORES - Bonners Ferry 185, Timberlake 203

BONNERS FERRY - Kerry Reynolds 44, Aaron Moe 42, Derrick Alt 46, Evan (last name unavailable) 53.

TIMBERLAKE - Andrew Van Wingerdan 38, Jared Sanders 45, Walker Herring 66, Sam Ross 54.

At Twin Lakes Village

Par 36

2,581 yards

BONNERS FERRY - no names available.

TIMBERLAKE - Maddie Hauk 58, Jamie Page 57.

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